Klutch was inspired by the idea that people should demand more from technology.

Our team saw a critical need in the payments – people wanted more control and flexibility in their spending accounts. We went to work pioneering a framework that did just that.

At Klutch, we think that a marketplace of automations for your card is only the beginning. We’re on a mission to improve your life, one breakthrough idea after another. It starts by imagining what’s next and approaching every challenge with a sense of urgency and a passion for innovation.

Other cards provide one generic app for all users. Klutch offers our community a marketplace to customize the user experience and a rewards program to meet their needs. From our gallery of MiniApps to our rewards program, everything we do has been designed to reflect every lifestyle and help reach goals that matter most.

It’s time for a card that lets you call the shots. Your card. Your choice.

We believe

Klutch MiniApp: keep yourself on budget with real-time data and customized categories

We believe in your right to manage your financial information the way you want, be it on our app, in a spreadsheet, a PDF or somewhere else.

Klutch MiniApp: control how much you can spend per day per week per month

We believe in the power of an open marketplace that lets you choose the best way to automate and control your finances.

Klutch MiniApp: lock your card easily via mobile app

We believe that you are entitled to privacy – and we promise we will never sell your data without your permission.

Klutch MiniApp: better transaction data

We believe in your right to make your own decision on how to share your financial data – and that you should also receive the benefits if you choose to share it.

Innovators wanted.

Klutch is about to rewrite the rules of what a card can do, and we want you to join us on the journey.

We’re currently assembling our founding team and can offer outstanding career opportunities to highly talented individuals in the areas of Engineering, Credit Risk, Product, Marketing, and Compliance.

If you share our vision for what’s next, we invite you to apply for a job today.