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Life has gotten busy.

People are turning to the power of automation in their daily lives like never before. From the way we work to how we live and play, automation can make a big difference in life’s little details.

But what about the really important details – like your money? With Alloy, you can automate your finances – the same way you automate everything else in your life.


Save Money

Earn up to 3% cashback with 100% control of where it goes, from a brokerage account to that favorite charity!


Save time

Customize your Alloy Card by choosing automations that free you up to focus on the things you love to do.


Save effort

Put the power of automation to work for you, achieving much more than any regular credit cards, hassle-free.

You’ve got the power.

Life can be pretty exciting when you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.  Alloy Card is built to be flexible, yet powerful, as it works in the background. So go ahead and focus on the important things. Alloy has you covered.

When it comes to customizable features, Alloy lets you build the card you want. We offer a growing collection of recipes (or programmed functions) to choose from, including tools for investment, billing, spending limits, and so much more. These are just a few examples of the many options you can find in our Recipe Gallery.

Klutch MiniApp: automate how you pay

Choose How to Pay Your Statement

Automatically pay your card’s bill on time, by the transaction, the day, or the week that you get it.

Klutch MiniApp: automatically donate cashback to your favorite charity

Donate to Your Favorite Charity

Automatically donate your cashback to your favorite charity whenever you want..

Klutch MiniApp: invest on your terms by sending cashback to your brokerage account

Invest on
Your Terms

Automatically send your cashback to your brokerage account or your robo-advisor whenever you want.

Klutch MiniApp: reduce your carbon footprint by buying carbon credits every time you purchase something

Reduce Your
Carbon Footprint

Automatically buy carbon credits every time you buy something that emits CO2.

Klutch MiniApp: control where you spend using location controls

Control Where
You Spend

Set exactly where your card can be used by the city or country.

Klutch MiniApp: control when you spend. set times and days you card is active

Control When
You Spend

Set how much you can spend per day, week, month.

Klutch MiniApp: control how much you can spend per day per week per month

Control How Much
You Spend

Set the days and times you card is active.

Klutch MiniApp: control want you spend by store name or category

Control What
You Spend

Set what you can buy by store name or category.

Klutch MiniApp: lock your card easily via mobile app

Your Card

Turn your card off if you misplace it or if you want to stop any purchases.

Klutch MiniApp: Block contactless purchases

Block Contactless Purchases

Turn off contactless use of your card.

Klutch MiniApp: block swipes


Turn off swipes.

Klutch MiniApp: block suspicious purchases or purchases you are not present for

Block Online Purchases

Block any non-present purchase.

Klutch MiniApp: friendly merchant names

Enjoy Friendly
Store Names

Every transaction is easily identifiable since we get the stores' real names.

Klutch MiniApp: transaction breakdown by category from multi-category stores like Amazon


Get purchases from multi-category stores (e.g. Amazon) broken down in their real categories.

Klutch MiniApp: control how much you can spend per day per week per month

Export in

Export your transactions in real-time to your own budget spreadsheet or receive custom notifications.

Klutch MiniApp: vacation travel budget tracker in real-time


Easily understand how much you spend on any travel by category and place.

multiple card, total control. you can issue physical or virtual cards for members of the family

Multiple cards.
Total control.

With Alloy, you can issue cards for your entire family and remain in control of each card. And all features can be stacked and set on physical and virtual cards.

How does
Alloy Work?


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Get ready to let your card do more when you explore our Recipes Gallery to choose from exciting customization options.


Enjoy Your Revolutionary Card

Use your card at both physical and e-commerce stores with custom features that save you time, money, and effort.

Build your own rules.
Share them with the community.

While Alloy Card offers a number of exciting features, we invite you to join us in building new ones. Explore our platform and put your own amazing ideas to work as you help create the next generation of flexible credit card experiences. And don’t forget to share your brilliant ideas with our community of users and developers.

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Serious automation. Serious rewards.

Alloy Card gives you the power to up to 3% cash back on all purchases.

You can even choose how and when to redeem your cash, including automatically sending them to other services.

Alloy Card was inspired by the idea that people should demand more from technology.

Our team saw an important need in the credit card space – people wanted more control and flexibility in their spending. And we went to work pioneering a platform that did just that.

But at Alloy, we think that an automated credit card is only the beginning. We’re on a mission to improve your financial life, one breakthrough idea after another. And it starts by imagining what’s next – and approaching every challenge with a sense of urgency and a passion for innovation.


Klutch advisor Gustavo Guidacheck us out on Linkedin

Gustavo Guida


As a proven serial entrepreneur, Gustavo co-founded his first startup in 2000. He grew it to become one of the top startups in Latin America before its sale for over $340 million.

Klutch Co-founder Renato Steinbergcheck us out on Linkedin

Renato Steinberg


With over 20 years of experience in banking and technology, Renato has served a number of prominent companies in the role of CTO. He was also named to Fast Company’s list of “Most Creative People in Business.”

We believe

Klutch MiniApp: keep yourself on budget with real-time data and customized categories

We believe in your right to manage your financial information the way you want, be it on our app, in a spreadsheet, a PDF or somewhere else.

Klutch MiniApp: control how much you can spend per day per week per month

We believe in the power of an open financial platform that lets you choose the best way to automate and control your finances.

Klutch MiniApp: lock your card easily via mobile app

We believe that you are entitled to privacy – and we promise we will never sell your data without your permission.

Klutch MiniApp: better transaction data

We believe in your right to make your own decision on how to share your financial data – and that you should also receive the benefits if you choose to share it.

Innovators wanted.

Alloy Card is about to rewrite the rules of what a credit card can do, and you’re invited to join us on the journey.

We’re currently assembling our founding team and can offer outstanding career opportunities to highly talented individuals in the areas of Engineering, Credit Risk, Product, Marketing and Compliance.

If you share our vision for what’s next, we invite you to connect with us today to learn more.