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Powerful tools that meet your needs

Access a rapidly growing ecosystem of powerful financial features you can’t find anywhere else or build your own using the Klutch API.

Automate how you pay

Automate How You Pay

Automatically pay your bill on time, or by transaction, or when you are billed.

donate to your favorite charity

Cancel unwanted Subscriptions

See all your subscriptions in one place, track renewal dates and cancel them in one click.

invest on your own terms

Real-time Google Sheets Sync

Automatically export your transactions in real-time to your own spreadsheet.

Klutch MiniApp: reduce your carbon footprint by buying carbon credits every time you purchase something

If This / Then That

Create you own custom automations based on if/then conditions.

Klutch MiniApp: control when you spend. set times and days you card is active


Create virtual card numbers for each place you shop.

Klutch MiniApp: control where you spend using location controls

Control Where and where you Spend

Set controls on your card to block transactions based on merchants, categories, days and more.

Klutch MiniApp: control how much you can spend per day per week per month

Single-Use card

Create a card number that only works for a single transaction so you can shop safely wherever you want.

Klutch MiniApp: control want you spend by store name or category

Cards for every category

Create cards for every type of spend you are on top of where your money is going.

Klutch MiniApp: lock your card easily via mobile app

Your Card

Quickly turn your card off if you misplace it or if you want to stop any purchases.

Klutch MiniApp: Block contactless purchases

Set Monthly Limits

Create monthly limits for every custom category so you never overspend

Klutch MiniApp: block swipes

All You Need Summaries

Easy access to key dashboards on the Klutch home screen.

Klutch MiniApp: block suspicious purchases or purchases you are not present for

Allowances for your Kids

Create cards for every child and track their spend in real-time. Make changes in 1-click.

Klutch MiniApp: friendly merchant names

Store Names

Every transaction is easily identifiable since Klutch provides  the real store name.

Klutch MiniApp: transaction breakdown by category from multi-category stores like Amazon

Breakdown by Category

Get purchases from multi-category stores (like Amazon) broken down in their real categories.

Klutch MiniApp: control how much you can spend per day per week per month

Export in

Export your transactions in real-time to your own spreadsheet.

Klutch MiniApp: vacation travel budget tracker in real-time

Split Bills with friends

Get paid back easier and faster with automatically bill splitting and notifications.

Klutch Credit CardKlutch Credit Card

What are Klutch MiniApps?

MiniApps are like apps to power your Klutch credit card. These can be installed on your account and run every time you use your Klutch card, ultimately making your card smarter every day. MiniApps let you automate your finances like tracking your spend, paying bills, set card controls, and more.  

Life is too busy to track and monitor yourself the way you want. Klutch is built to be flexible, yet powerful, as it works in the background. So go ahead and focus on the things you enjoy. Klutch has you covered.

What our users are saying...

“I’ve been looking for something like Klutch for years, using hacky solutions to do in hours what I set up with Klutch in minutes. It’s really powerful, with granular control and customization I haven’t found anywhere else. I love that it just gets better over time.”
Tal G.
Founding Software Engineer
"I always had this problem splitting transactions with my roommate. The ability to use Klutch’s API and create my own miniapp solved that in a brilliant way. Every other product is slow and gets you 80% there. Klutch is a game changer."
Eric E.
Technical Lead, Engineering
Klutch is making me rethink how credit works. It puts more information and customization in my hands, and puts more in control of how my credit card works. Even my spouse sometimes asks, can we put it on your special card?
Ben B.
Agile Product Manager

Developer Hub

Program your card to work for you.

Flex your creativity and build solutions for your money alongside other developers. Head to the Klutch developer portal which provides self-service APIs, components and other tools.

Developer Portal: Code your own MiniApp and submit it to be included on the Klutch app

How Does
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Download our App to sign up for the  Klutch Credit card


your card

Once approved, you'll be able to start using your virtual cards while you're waiting for your physical copy to arrive.


Explore our

Explore our marketplace of MiniApps and choose the ones you want by installing them to your account.


Enjoy Your Card, by your own rules

Use your card at both physical and e-commerce stores, your installed MiniApps will run with each transaction, saving you time, money, and effort.

Benefits that
don't disappoint

A premium credit card powered by MiniApps.


Credit Card


No Annual Fee

Up to 6% Cash Back *

Up to 18% APR

No foreign transaction fees

Multiple physical and virtual cards

* 1% cash back on all categories + up to 6% on monthly deals
multiple card, total control. you can issue physical or virtual cards for members of the family

Multiple cards.
Total control.

With Klutch, you can issue cards for your entire family and remain in control of each card. All features can be stacked and set on both physical and virtual cards.