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Get all the features you want, all in one place, with the world’s first app-powered credit card.

An iPhone with the Klutch app on the screen. It says Good morning at the top, shows the weather, and 1 upcoming payment. The balance and daily spending are also displayed.

Apply in minutes

No annual fees, No foreign fees

Enjoy low APR

Apply in minutes

Get pre-approved without a credit check

Enjoy low APR

Apply in minutes

Get pre-approved without a credit check

Enjoy low APR

Apply in minutes

Get pre-approved without a credit check

Enjoy low APR


Curated by you

We think that the only person who knows what you need in a credit card is you. That’s why we designed Klutch to be a platform that delivers true flexibility by giving you access to a range of apps that sync with your card automatically. The result is a card unlike any you’ve used before.

Climate Impact Card
Spending Categories card
Google Sheet Sync card

New Miniapps added every month



Loaded with benefits

Get even more out of your card with perks that let you pay your own way.

1 % cash back

Get cash back on all purchases

Unlimited Virtual Cards

Create unique cards for different retailers and control them all from the app.

No Annual Fee

No matter your balance.

No foreign transaction fees

Pay in the local currency at the current exchange rate, automatically.

Powered by Mastercard

And accepted around the globe.

First card free

And only $6 each after that

A hand holding up the Klutch credit card.

Apple Pay + Google Pay

Add your card to your virtual wallet to pay with phone, split bills, and more.

an iPhone showing the Apple Wallet app with the Klutch digital card selected
Klutch Community

The reviews are in

What people are saying about their Klutch Card

Fletcher Fowler
Software Engineer

"As a software engineer Klutch gives me access to all my spending data which allows me to build interesting products and gain deeper insights into my spending.”

Will Berkowitz

"The Mini App centered platform Klutch built is the future of banking. I get access to the newest and best features from any top credit card directly in Klutch. I no longer have to log in and download 10+ different apps or accounts, its all right there in Klutch. I cant wait to see which Mini App comes next!"

Tal Globus

"I’ve been looking for something like Klutch for years, using hacky solutions to do in hours what I set up with Klutch in minutes. It’s really powerful, with granular control and customization I haven’t found anywhere else. I love that it just gets better over time."

Modern SEcurity

Spend wisely, pay safely

Klutch is a MasterCard, which means we offer the same level of protection you’re used to. And since our app-based approach gives you more control over what your card does, you get more control over who can access your data too.


We’re here
to help

What are Mini Apps?

Mini Apps are programs, functions or automations that customize your card experience and make the card work for you.

You install a Mini App by going into our Mini App gallery and clicking on Install.

Mini Apps monitor your transactions, perform calculations and even control decline or approve transactions on your behalf.

What's the difference between the Klutch and Klutch Lite Secured?

The difference between Klutch and Klutch Lite is that Klutch is an unsecured credit card and Klutch Lite is a secured Card.

Klutch Unsecured requires us to do a soft pull your credit report while the Klutch Secured Lite, you can get approved without a credit report pull, but you will need to send us a security deposit.

How long does it take to get approved?

Most of our users gets approved instantly, a few might require additional time. We approve 90% of those cases within a day.

Start building your Klutch today


About klutch

We’re on a mission to make your life better, one breakthrough app at a time.

Klutch grew from our belief that people should demand more from technology. So when we noticed a critical need for more control and flexibility in how people make payments, we went to work pioneering a framework that delivered just that.

Renato steinberg - ceo
A portrait of Renato Steinberg