Child Allowances

Create a card for each for each child with controls on it prevent overspending. Each card can be set to have weekly or monthly budgets. You can instantly adjust it so they can have money when they need it.


Spend Controls

Child Allowances

Create a cards for your children, using your Klutch account.

Decide how much and where they can spend

Decide how much and where they can spend

Keep track of their spending on your Klutch App.

Keep track of their spending on your Klutch App.


Child Allowances


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Liam Foster

Perfect control over how much my kids spend and I love seeing the updates right on my home screen.

Ilena Rodriguez

This is what I have been looking for!! Simple way to manage my son’s weekly’s allowance. I also love being able to take lunches and snacks here and there and give that as a gift.

Joshua Mitchell

This works amazing with my daughter, I love being able to track how much they are spending but also set controls so they don’t spend over their allowance.

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Competitor Apps

Klutch App

Use it for free and manage it from the same app as your card

Only $3.99/month, unlimited children
Cash Back on every purchase
Unlimited cards
Use your Klutch credit limit
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Download a separate app

$4.99 - 14.98/month
No cashback
Up to 5
You have to pre-transfer money to fund account

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